Virtual Newsroom : quick start guide

Here is a quick guide to setting up your virtual newsroom (Studio 2) from

This tutorial shows you how to get started using the individual layers that come with your studio. I’ve used the ‘mid’ angle from Studio 2 here – and you’ll see it up and running in under 3 minutes.

The layers come in PNG format – which means they are all original (lossless) quality, and compatible with pretty much every graphics and editing package out there (I’m using After Effects here as an example).

Every studio comes with a Photoshop version PLUS all the various layers in PNG format as standard. (TriCaster users can import the supplied Photoshop version directly into NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor).

There’s a demo version of the studio in this tutorial, so you can try it out for yourself – you can download the demo angle from Studio 2 here. The full version comes with moving newsroom movie files included. You can also buy the Newsroom movie files separately here