Studio 6 : walkthrough

Here is a quick guide to the Studio 6 multi-angle pack. Originally designed as a virtual weather studio set for The Weather Network UK, and now available to download exclusively at

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Video transcript

“Hi there,

I’m going to give you a quick overview of Studio 6 from

This is the wide angle – it comes in two versions, there’s a regular one, and a ‘sunny’ one with shadows and sunlight on the floor and walls there.

It comes with a desk with a little area on the front for your own logo or whatever, but the desk layers are separate, so you can turn it off if you don’t need it.

There’s a few close up angles, also in ‘regular’ and ‘sunny’ versions – one shooting to the left, one to the right, and one straight ahead for when you have someone on their own, or in the middle there…

The view outside is a separate layer too that you can replace with whatever you like. The original idea behind this set was that it could be used as a virtual weather studio, so the multi-angle angle pack comes with a load of extra images showing the view outside under different weather conditions – from sunny, and fine, all the way to cloudy, or foggy, and even a couple of night-time versions too.

You also get a standing position, with a big screen – also as separate layers, so you can leave that off completely if you don’t need it. Again, the idea was originally that this could be used for weather forecasts, so you’ve got sunny backgrounds if the forecast is for fine weather, and more to choose from for when the forecast’s not so good..

Like all the main packs at – each Studio 6 product comes with a Photoshop version – quite handy to have everything in one place and the layers in the right order – Tricaster users can load this Photoshop file directly into NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor – everything’s already set up with UV gradients for live inputs and real-time reflections in TriCaster.

You also get all the individual image layers as separate PNG files – you can load these into pretty much anything Final Cut, or Premiere Pro, or I’m using After Effects here, and build your studio that way…

And finally – you also get ready-made vMix versions that you can load directly into vMix as ready-made virtual sets…

And that’s it – get in touch if you’ve got any questions – and thanks for watching!”