Studio 2 layout

I thought it might be useful to add here a quick diagram showing Studio 2 to give an idea of where the virtual cameras are located, and which sections of the cyclorama (and screens) are visible in each shot.

The seven ‘drop-zones’ (cyclorama sections 1,2,3 & 4, and screens 1, 2 & 3) are numbered in the diagram 1-7.

The virtual camera positions used to render the ‘left’ and ‘far-left’ angles are intentionally close enough to allow them to both be used convincingly even if the inputs are actually coming from the same (real) camera. The same goes for the ‘right’ and ‘far right’ positions.

The ‘wide’ camera is approx 960cm from the talent (=800cm from the centre of the desk) with a field of view of 53°.
The other cameras are all approx 475-500cm from the talent with a field of view between 29°-31°.