How large should I make my talent..?

It is pretty crucial to get your talent framed correctly in ANY virtual studio – the viewer is smart enough to notice when something doesn’t look quite right, and getting your talent even slightly the wrong size can break the illusion very quickly.

framing talent in virtual studio 1

Studio 1

I thought it might be useful to attach here a couple of images showing the wide angle view of Studio 1 and Studio 2 with some guide silhouettes sitting around the desk.
I suppose the main thing to point out is that the virtual desk in these studios is large. Maybe larger than you think. I added a diagram here a little while ago with ‘virtual’ dimensions of the desk, but I figured it might also be helpful to see what the desk might look like with people seated around it.

framing talent in virtual studio 2

Studio 2

The key figure to note is the central silhouette – this would be the size that a single presenter should really appear on these wide shots.

I hope you find these useful.

NOTE: Studio 2 includes separate angles for all 5 positions around the desk. Studio 1 has a ‘mid’, ‘left’ and ‘right’ but I’ve added the same 5 guide figures in the image above just to help give a sense of scale.