Studio 2 updated to include moving Newsroom background

I’ve recently updated Studio 2 to include a complete Newsroom backdrop behind the talent. All the single angles, as well as the multi angle pack now come with a movie loop to run in the studio.

There are two types of HD movies supplied. One is pre-rendered in position for each angle and is in mp4 format (H.264 encoded at 32Mbps) – for alternative formats, please enquire. A second HD movie is supplied specifically for use in Tricaster and comprises the entire newsroom panorama split into 4 sections and comped within a single HD frame – it’s encoded with the NewTek SHQ2 (4:2:2) codec and is designed to be dropped into the relevant Input layers within Studio 2 – you’ll find these in the ‘newsroom’ group. The movie has the four sections of the backdrop rendered with the centre sections (2 and 3) along the top half of the image, and the outer sections (1 and 4) appearing along the bottom half of the image. The UV gradient maps within the Studio 2 Photoshop file will automatically position the various sections in the correct position for each angle to once again form a seamless backdrop.