Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I get these amazing virtual sets?

Right here! The virtual sets are only available here at
You can browse all the virtual sets in the store. (Or click ‘STORE’ in the menu above, or the big image below).

How do I buy one?

Click Add to Cart on any of the product pages.

To see what’s in your shopping cart, click View Cart (top right), then, when you’re ready to checkout, click Checkout to pay by credit card, or PayPal to pay with PayPal.

Are these physical products? How do they reach me?

These are virtual studio sets. They are all supplied as digital files, and delivered by download.

After payment, you get an email (via with a link to download your file/s. This email usually arrives instantly, but (very) occasionally may take a little longer. Please take extra care when typing in your email address! And please ensure any filters are set to allow emails from and

Do you sell to the United States?

Yes. You can purchase and download the products from the USA, or anywhere in the world!

The prices are all in EURO. How much is that in my currency?

You can still buy the studios even if you’re not using Euros.

The currency conversion all happens automatically when you make the purchase. The exchange rates are determined by your credit card provider (or PayPal). The rates do change constantly – but you can get a rough idea (the exact figure may be slightly different) by checking one of the many currency exchange sites on the internet (for example

During checkout, why must I declare my EU business status? is based in Ireland.

EU law currently requires that VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on digital products to European customers at their own VAT rate (this doesn’t affect customers outside the EU). You need to declare what country you’re buying from, so we know which VAT rate (if any) applies. If you are in Europe, and have a VAT number then you can enter it to have a reverse charge applied (i.e. the VAT is NOT added for EU business purchases).

What’s the difference between the HD and 4K versions?

The only difference is the actual size of the artwork supplied. The HD versions are all 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 4K versions are all 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is important (depending on your final output resolution) if you are planning to ‘zoom in’ on any of these studio sets. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to be zooming in further than the resolution of the original artwork allows. So, for example, if your final output is HD (1080) then you can safely zoom in to the 4K version up to 200% with no loss of quality on the backgrounds. If your final output is HD (720) then you could safely zoom into the HD version up to 150%. But if your final output is HD (1080), and you’re also using the HD (1080) version of the studio set, then (in theory) any digital zooming would degrade the background image somewhat.

Will these sets work with my TriCaster Mini?

Yes, they will work with any TriCaster model, provided you also have NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor (VSE). Our virtual studio products are supplied with a ‘TriCaster-ready’ Photoshop file included, but you need NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor software in order to load in the Photoshop file, configure the studio (for example, change colours, turn layers/groups on or off) and then export the set to your TriCaster. You can’t load the Photoshop file directly into the TriCaster – you must have Virtual Set Editor working at your end.

Is there anything else I need to get these up and running on my TriCaster?

The TriCaster versions of our studios are designed to be customisable within Virtual Set Editor, but it’s also useful to have access to Adobe Photoshop too – for example, to remove unwanted angles and layers before loading the Photoshop file into VSE.

Will these Virtual Sets work with vMix?

Yes! You now get vMix versions included with all studio products. vMix is currently limited to 5 layers (including your live inputs), so in most cases the layer order (background first) will be ‘background’, ‘screens’ (if present), ‘midground’, ‘talent’, ‘desk’ (if present). Note that the talent layer is totally behind the desk for vMix versions.

Will these Virtual Sets work with Wirecast (Telestream)?

It should be relatively straightforward – but so far I know of only one confirmed customer using our sets with Wirecast..!

So… if you consider yourself a Telestream Wirecast ‘expert’ or ‘power user’ and are interested in test-driving our virtual sets FOR FREE in return for feedback and screen grabs, please do get in touch.

Are the PNG layers compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro etc.?

Yes – the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format is the most used lossless image compression format on the Internet and can be read by most appliations. You will need to create the studio using the various layers provided. I’ve made a quick tutorial showing how to set up Studio 2 in After Effects using the individual PNG layers – you can watch it here :

Can I use the virtual studio on my TV show, YouTube channel, etc.?

Yes. Once you’ve purchased the virtual set, you can use it however you like. Obviously, you can’t re-sell the original products, or make them available for others to download. Please check the full End User License Agreement (EULA) here.

Also, please remember that the ‘DEMO’ (watermarked) versions are strictly for evaluation purposes and are not permitted for any other kind of use.

Can I ask another question?

If you’re still unsure about anything, please do get in touch. We try and get back to everyone within 24 hours (and sooner if you’re in the same time zone..!)

Also, you might like to try one of the ‘DEMO’ single-angle sets. Each Studio has a single (watermarked) angle available to download for a nominal €1 (one euro). In most respects this will be identical to the full version but it’s a great way to see exactly what you get and maybe even try it out for yourself.