Studio 2 (starter pack)

3 angles

HD version (1920x1080)


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4K version (3840x2160)


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This is the Studio 2 ‘starter’ pack which includes three of the single camera angles (‘wide’, ‘mid’ and ‘far right’) in one bundle.

(NOTE: Additional angles are available separately, or as part of the larger Studio 2 complete multi-angle pack).

The studio set comes supplied with a neutral ‘cyclorama’ backdrop and also a beautiful newsroom background. The virtual desk can be turned off completely, allowing this set to be used with a physical desk, or standing talent. A virtual ‘coffee’ table is also available on the wide angle.

TriCaster® users can also easily swap in their own imagery into each section of the cyclorama, or stretch a single image across all 4. There are an additional 3 ‘virtual’ screens in front that can be turned off individually, or fed with your own imagery.

Studio 2 is available in either HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K (3840 x 2160) formats. (Choose your preference from the menu).

Product details

You will receive an email immediately with a link to download your files. All files are zipped (.zip).

You get a complete Photoshop multi-layered document (.psd 16 Bits/Channel) with everything in the correct order and uniquely named.

TriCaster® users will find the Photoshop document works beautifully with Virtual Set Editor. There are UV gradients already set up in position for all live inputs and real-time reflections.

You also get every single layer and matte supplied separately in lossless PNG-24 format. These PNG images have transparency built in, and are compatible with most graphics and editing software.

You also get additional versions included, already set up with their own XML configuration files which you can load directly into vMix or similar.

Studio 2 also comes with Newsroom Backgrounds Pack 1 (worth €50) included FREE.

Designed by BAFTA award-winning broadcast designer Mike Afford.

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