Virtual Studio Sets : quick start guide

If you’re using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut or similar video editing packages – here is a quick guide to setting up your virtual set using the PNG image layers from

Note: Every studio set also comes with a Photoshop version for TriCaster VSE, plus pre-configured vMix folders. Everything is included!

This tutorial shows you how to get started using the individual layers that come with your studio. I’ve used the ‘mid’ angle from Studio 4 here – and you’ll see it up and running in under 3 minutes.

The layers come in PNG format – which means they are all original (lossless) quality, and compatible with pretty much every graphics and editing package out there (I’m using After Effects as an example).

Also – remember that TriCaster users can import the Photoshop version directly into NewTek’s Virtual Set Editor and make your changes there instead. Every studio comes with a Photoshop version PLUS all the various layers in PNG format as standard.

Either way, these sets are very easy to get up and running – but they also offer amazing customization options…

There’s a demo version of the studio in this tutorial, so you can try it out for yourself – you can download the demo angle from Studio 4 here.