Studio 1 camera positions

Here is a little diagram showing the camera positions for Studio 1.

The only thing to notice really is that the desk is larger than you might think, allowing for a guest either side of the main presenter while still shooting the left and right angles at less than 45° off axis.

Camera coordinates

The desk is positioned right in the centre of the 3D world (x=0, z=0). The riser is 15cm high. The heights of cameras are relative to floor level (y=0). The camera locations (X Y Z below) are all relative to the centre of the world. The ‘focus distance’ figure is the distance from the camera to talent seated in the main central position behind the desk.

CAMERA NAME, X (cm), Y (cm), Z (cm), field of view, focus distance
Wide, 0, 118, -860, 53°, 1030
Left, 245, 129, -220, 30°, 455
Right, -245, 129, -220, 30°, 455
Wide Right, -399, 117, -723, 53°, 975
Wide Left, 399, 117, -723, 53°, 975
Mid*, 0, 127, -106, 44°, 280
MCU*, 0, 130, -129, 26°, 300

* I’ve actually ‘cheated’ the field of view on the mid shot and MCU in the original 3D program to get to see slightly more of the window and skyline than you’d actually be able to get in reality (the positions of ‘real’ studio cameras would be limited by the edge of the riser!). In the ‘real’ world you’d more likely have a longer focus distance (say, 450cm to clear the riser) and so tighter fields of view – 16° (mid) and 10° (MCU).