Virtual Studio update (4)

I’m pleased to announce a major update to all the virtual studios at

Every studio product (single angles, and multi-angle packs) now includes a complete set of individual layers and mattes in lossless PNG format, which means you can easily select which elements to use, and customize each layer individually. Even better – it means they are all at the very highest possible quality and are compatible with pretty much every graphics, editing and production system out there. Studios all come in either HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) giving you amazing realism, detail and clarity throughout.

The studios still also come with the complete set in a single Photoshop file, all ready set up for use with TriCaster VSE. These now include a couple of new layers too. The first is an alternative talent Input layer (named ‘talent overDesk’) which addresses an issue some TriCaster users were experiencing when re-ordering the talent layer to appear in front of the desk-top. This new layer no longer overlaps the reflection layer beneath allowing both to appear correctly.

I have also added an (optional) opaque centre section for the desktop in both studios which will can be used to adjust the reflectivity of the desk, or hide the reflections completely.

As always, updates are free to existing customers who have purchased either a single angle, or multi-angle pack.