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Studio 6 (virtual weather set)

We’re very excited to reveal a sneak preview of our latest virtual studio set – Studio 6 !

UPDATE : Studio 6 is now ready! You can find it here in the STORE.

If it looks familiar, that’s because you may have already seen our earlier TriCaster version that we designed and made exclusively for The Weather Network UK.

The great news is that we’ve been working on a new ‘unbranded’ version, that anyone can buy from our virtual studio set STORE and customise themselves. We’re calling it ‘Studio 6’ (great name, huh?), and it’ll be available to download soon, only here at

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Starter Packs

We’ve just added new Starter Packs which combine 3 of the most popular single angles for each studio into one bundle.

You can compare the ‘Starter’ and ‘Complete’ packs for each studio by checking these comparison charts.

Studio 5 update – standing position

Studio 5 has recently been updated again to include a new camera angle for a standing presenter with the video screen.

All customers who have bought the Studio 5 complete multi-angle pack should have already received an email with instructions to download the updated version absolutely FREE. There are new files for the PNG layers and vMix Sets, plus the multi-angle Photoshop version has been updated to v1.03 to include the new ‘standing’ group of layers.

This new angle provides another way of seeing your presenter with the big monitor. You can still use the ‘wide’ and ‘mid’ angles, but this gives a nice off-axis alternative. As with all the other Studio 5 products you are free to drop in your own replacement skyline outside, and change the colour of the feature wall.

Studio 5 update

Studio 5 has recently been updated to include a new ‘mid’ angle.

All customers who have bought the Studio 5 complete multi-angle pack should have already received an email with instructions to download the updated version absolutely FREE. There are new files for ‘mid’ (PNG layers) and ‘mid’ (vMix Sets), plus the multi-angle Photoshop version has been updated to v1.02 to include the new ‘mid’ group of layers.

In keeping with most of the virtual studio sets here, Studio 5 is very customisable. I have made an example image below with a few tweaks to the ‘wide’ angle to show what’s possible.

Here are some of the options:

You can replace the view out of the window with your own skyline. You can change the colour of the far wall. You can change the carpet colour too, or remove it completely. You can also remove the entire monitor completely, or feed it with your own logo or source. Maybe you could use it to show a guest speaking via Skype – who knows… the world is your (virtual) oyster!

vMix Partner

I’m pleased to announce that is now a vMix partner!

vMix live production software allows you to produce your own shows on a PC with video mixing and switching, simultaneous recording, streaming and output, with built in effects and much more. It also has some pretty nice virtual set capabilities too…!

vmix software partner -

So, over the past few months I have been busy creating fully vMix compatible versions of all our virtual studio sets. So now vMix users can also enjoy virtual sets that are truly professional standard, incredibly versatile, beautiful to look at, and designed by a BAFTA award-winning broadcast designer – only available here at

Every virtual studio set product available in our STORE now comes with a vMix version (or versions) ready made so you can get your studio up and running straight away..!

You also get the studio in Photoshop format, plus every one of the original layers as a separate PNG image, so you will have everything you need to make all sorts of adjustments and customisations of your own.

If you have any questions at all about using these sets with vMix – please do get in touch.

And if you happen to have have arrived here directly from – welcome aboard! These really are some of the nicest sets you’ll find and I’m delighted to make them available to vMix users..!

Virtual Sports Studio Set

tricaster virtual sports studio

I’m pleased to see that one of my recent custom TriCaster virtual sets has started to make an appearance over at ESPN UK in London, running nicely on their new TriCaster.

The virtual set is a complete multi-angle package which includes a wide angle, with close-ups for presenter and guests, plus a standing position with big more  

Seasons Greetings from

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays!!!

Look who’s just arrived in Studio 1!!

virtual set christmas

It’s been a great year for Thank you so much for your custom during 2015. It’s great to see our virtual studio sets being used in so many countries on nearly every continent around the world! (Come on Antarctica – get your finger out..!)

Very best wishes for the holiday season, and continued success to you all in 2016.

Black Friday (offer now closed)


Original post below:

Today we are very excited to offer a whopping 25% OFF every virtual studio set in the store.

Just enter discount code VSSGET25 during checkout to save on our stunning virtual sets. This offer is available on any purchase made right now!

There are single angle demo sets for every Studio you can download for just one Euro, so if you’re quick, you can still try before you buy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Virtual Weather Studio

tricaster virtual weather studio

I’m delighted to see that my latest custom TriCaster virtual studios are now being used over at The Weather Network (

I’ve always liked the idea that the weather itself could somehow be included in a virtual set design – maybe putting in some visual clues that reinforce the current weather forecast for the viewer. So when I was contacted by the Weather Network in the UK to design their new VR sets I jumped at the chance! It was a dream project for me – combining my twin passions for virtual studios and weather graphics :)

I’ve designed and built the studio sets in such a way that the Weather Network team can now choose what weather is being shown outside the virtual windows, and even whether the sun shines through into the virtual environment itself. I thought this was a nice way of bringing the studio to life (it looks slightly different from day to day) and a neat way of emphasing the relevant weather story.
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Virtual Talk Show Set

Studio 4 : Virtual Talk Show Set

Studio 4 is a fully customisable virtual talk show set for chat shows, talk shows or any kind of discussion format. It comes with plenty of different camera angles including close-ups for presenter and three guest positions. A virtual desk is included, but you can also use this studio with green screen and a real desk.

The studio lighting is completely adjustable and you can change the colours to suit your own branding and colour schemes. There are live input layers for each of the screens on the walls, the cyclorama on the far right, and also for the view outside the windows.

Studio 4 will be available here for download soon, so if you are planning a talk show, or want to give your existing talk show a brand new look, then please check back soon, or contact me directly and I’ll let you know when it’s here.

Virtual Chat Show Set – coming soon!

Here’s a sneak peek at Studio 4 – the latest virtual set from UPDATE: Studio 4 is now ‘live’ and available to download from the store!

tricaster talk show set

This new virtual set is inspired by ‘loft apartment’ style talk shows and will be great for chat and discussion formats.

It will come with a wide shot (shown here), plus plenty of mid angles and close-ups for presenter and guests.

I’m really excited about this set – there are going to be some really nice customisation options with this one!

Obviously you’ll be able to use your own logo or live feed into the screens on the walls, and you’ll also be able to change the images outside the ‘windows’.

The desk can be removed completely so you can use the set with your own ‘real’ furniture if you prefer.

But the thing that set this apart is that I’ve also worked out a way of getting lovely glows on the neon strip-lighting that won’t go all messy when you try and adjust the colour. You’ll also be able to adjust (or remove) each colour group independently, giving you virtually infinite colour combination possibilities..!

Honestly, it’s thing of beauty..!

To show you what I mean, here’s the same set with colours adjusted – notice how those neon strip-lights have all changed colour without going all weird and funky…! And they’re all still producing nice reflections and spill just like real studio lights would. (click the image for a bigger version!)

tricaster chat show studio set

If you’d like to be notified as soon as this virtual set ‘goes live’ then please do drop me a line.

Incidentally, I’m always on the look-out for TriCaster users (TriCaster 8000, also TriCaster Mini and any other ‘2 input’ devices) who might be interested in trying out beta versions in return for generous discounts..!.

As always, please head over to the store where you can check out (and download!) my other virtual sets, newsroom loops and free backgrounds.

New virtual set – ‘Studio 3’

studio 3 virtual set

I was recently asked by WMDT News (Maryland-Delaware) to modify Studio 2 and replace the circular desk with a rectangular one. I’d also noticed a number of customers had already been changing the colours of Studio 2 from red to blue, so it made sense to build a brand new set of products called Studio 3 with the primary colour already set to blue, and the new rectangular desk in place.

I also have made a brand new set of looping newsroom backgrounds which now have blue as the feature colour.

The camera angles for the new studio are identical to Studio 2, so the new Newsroom backings will work perfectly with that set too!

Just to mix things up a bit, I also included a different cyclorama texture with the new studio. It’s another one from the seamless tileable textures pack. The pack has 10 FREE 4K textures that TriCaster users can drop into each section of the studio backdrop to completely change the look and feel of the studio even further..!

Blue Newsroom backgrounds

I’ve just added a brand new Newsroom Backgrounds Pack. It was part of a custom request from WMDT News (Maryland-Delaware) and it is of particular interest to any other customers who have changed the red colour in Studio 2 to blue.

looping newsroom backgrounds

While it is very easy to change the primary colour of my studios (see Resources: Changing colours in virtual sets), you might get some unexpected results if you try and rotate the hue on the entire Newsroom background layer.

So this is a brand new product that can be used in conjunction with Studio 2 to give a much more natural-looking background. It is currently just €50 for the complete pack of backgrounds (looping animations and static PNGs). It will also be supplied FREE with Studio 3 (which is coming very soon…!)

You can find the new pack in the ‘Extras‘ section of the store, or click on the image above.

Virtual Studio 2 – free update (v1.05)

I am updating all Studio 2 products to version 1.05

All existing owners of any Studio 2 product should be receiving an email soon with a link to download the new product files as a FREE update.

The main changes are as follows :

1. I’ve moved all of the looping newsroom movie files out of the Studio 2 product folders, and added them to the Looping Newsroom Backgrounds Pack 1 product, which is now included FREE with all Studio 2 products (except the watermarked DEMO version). All the static newsroom layers are still present exactly as before. read more  

Studio 2 – DEMO version

UPDATE (July 2015): I have replaced the full multi-angle demo versions of my studio sets with a new product for each. It is now a single angle demo, and is downloadable for a nominal €1 (one euro). It still includes all of the separate PNG layers and the TriCaster-compatible Photoshop file.

(original post follows)

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Virtual Studio update (4)

I’m pleased to announce a major update to all the virtual studios at

Every studio product (single angles, and multi-angle packs) now includes a complete set of individual layers and mattes in lossless PNG format, which means you can easily select which elements to use, and customize each layer individually. Even better – it means they are all at the very highest possible quality and are compatible with pretty much every graphics, editing and production system out there. Studios all come in either HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) giving you amazing realism, detail and clarity more  

Studio 1 update (3)

Studio 1 has now been updated (v 1.03) and now includes two brand new camera angles – a wide left, and wide right shot.

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Mike Afford Media Joins NewTek Developer Network

Mike Afford Media Joins NewTek Developer Network to Bring More Eye-Catching and Innovative Virtual Sets to TriCaster Customers

Dublin, Ireland, September 11, 2014

Mike Afford Media, a boutique broadcast graphics company delivering high-end motion graphics and virtual studio sets to clients worldwide, announced today that it has joined the NewTek Developer Network to provide customized virtual studio sets for NewTek TriCaster multi-camera live production more  


Welcome to – a brand new one-stop-shop for world class virtual studio sets that you can use in your own shows, both for personal and commercial more